Agriturismo dell'Etna

Agriturismo dell'Etna

Rilassati ai piedi del vulcano

Discovering vineyards and wines

Find out where our wine was born


Wine tasting

Find out where our wine was born: it is for this reason that our wine tasting experiences start with a walk within the vineyards and the olive groves, overlooked by a beautiful view of Mt. Etna. The guests are initially walked within the fields to understand the first fundamental phase of winemaking, which is the farming one. Afterwards, guests will be shown an ancient millstone, with its barrique to live a unique sensorial experience, a journey throughout all their senses that will lead them to comprehend the true essence of wine. A short film display in the millstone will open a window on what we were in the past and what we are today. The wine ageing, which happens in the barrique, is accompanied by classical music, as per family tradition.

Here you will be able to taste wine while listening to music, which by spreading sound waves at low frequency, improves its organoleptic qualities. In the end, the tasting experience is held in a living area, with huge windows that face the vineyard and an open-plan kitchen with a wood oven. We serve fresh bread made with a starter, cured meats and cheese and a selection of pickled vegetables, all products typical of the area that, together with the oil and the wine, highlight the enogastronomic richness of our territory. It is a journey to discover autentic Sicilian flavours. The wine tasting can be experienced every day, and reservation is mandatory. There is no minimum number of participants requested.