Agriturismo dell'Etna

Etna Farmhouse

Relax at the bottom of the volcano

We are breath, fire, sun, sky without horizons.

We are the fire, the sun and the sky. We lie down below the volcano, we are a lullaby for the sparrows, music during
summer nights. And when the musk from the winter melts with the May sunlight, the concert is unique, a melody
from nature.

We are volcano's breath, when the magma collects the thoughts of the passengers, we are the lava that

becomes eternal in the glare of the dawn.

For the last century the Neri family has been living Mount Etna through a variety of businesses.
It was at the beginning of the 20 th century that two brothers, Vincenzo and Salvatore, the second of which was a
promising tenor singer, migrated to the United States to look for fortune.

And fortune arrived quite quickly thanks to the many sacrifices, but mostly thanks to the great voice of Salvatore,
who became a passionate interpreter of the Italian opera in New York’s theatres.
Sadly, Salvatore passed away and Vincenzo remained suddenly alone with its despair. He decided therefore to go
back to his motherland and with the money put away during the years abroad with his brother, he bought a piece of
land in the municipality of Linguaglossa, at the bottom of Mount Etna. Here he go married to a girl from the town
and together they started to take care of their belongings, dedicating themselves to the farming of the vineyards and
olive groves, creating this way a proper business in the production of wine and olive oil.

Today the company is popular even abroad and is managed by their grandchildren Salvo and Fabio, who, with the
support of their parents Santo and Nina, from the year 2000 have widened the family businesses, starting first with
the opening of Casa Arrigo, a country house dedicated to hospitality and the tasting of organic products of the Neri
Agricola business. After that, in 2012 they opened the Villa Neri Resort & SPA, an exclusive 5 star hotel, member of
the chain Small Luxury Hotel of the World, which has 27 rooms, a gourmet restaurant, a wellness centre and a big
salted water outdoors pool framed by a flourishing garden.

Starting from 2018 the family, following the grandfather’s vocation, has begun the bottling of their olive oil and
wine, thanks to the gifts provided by the nearby volcano.